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Seghill Accordion Club

Leonard with one of his awards with Malcolm Ross

Malcolm Ross and Leonard Brown Seghill Accordion Club

These three chaps Les, Jimmy and George are members of the accordion club but also play the guitar

Seghill Accordion Club

This is a cake made by a band member Clive for our last buffet evening.

Seghill Accordion Club

This is one of our members John Windsor doing the Great North Run. Thirteen and a half miles from Newcastle side of the Tyne bridge to South Shields with an accordion on board, along with fifty thousand others raising money for charity.

Tune of the day:

Keep Right On To The End Of The Road

Seghill Accordion Club

Two of our members Peter and Eileen enjoying the Bavarian evening with Leonard Brown

Seghill Accordion Club

Club chairman Richie Todd presents Maxine Cummings, known as the Rothbury princess) with red roses to celebrate her winning Supporter of the year. At the national Association of Accordion and Fiddle Clubs event .held in Perth Scotland.

A big thank you to Maxine and a just reward for ALL the work you do for the many accordion events held in Northumberland. It is well deserved.

Seghill Accordion Club Seghill Accordion Club

Charity night. Guitar quartet Sounds Instrumental who played a selection of Shadows music.

Charity night. Clive John Chris and Richie
Jean, Margaret ,Sylvia, Sarah and Eileen.
 and there were four absent male accordionists.

Total amount raised £469.50p

Seghill Accordion Club

Leonard and Malcolm being presented with flowers from Norma and Jean.

One of our great Buffet Evening suppers.

Joan Mungo and George entertaining at a buffet night

One of Newby Park’s collection of accordions

Newby Park. A guest from Carlisle.

Seghill Accordion Band

The French Night free buffet supper.  Wonderful music from Leonard as always. From the start it was a parody of ‘Allo Allo’ including the title music.

The three main artists - Muriel as Mimi La Bonk, Leonard, Master baker  Lenny Art-twa and Brenda as the fallen Madonna with the big baguettes.

Leonard Brown - Guest artist for our French Evening.

Seghill Accordion Club Seghill Accordion Club Seghill Accordion Club

All ready for the Christmas Dinner.

The dance troupe of the evening:  Jimmy Smith, Eileen Carrick, Chris Maltby and Brenda Vowels.

Plenty of raffle prizes.

The Band including Leonard and his two friends from Ireland; Sean O’Neil and Anne-Marie Devine.

Two Cushie Butterfields - and Leonard

St Geordie Night Guest - Leonard Brown

St Geordie Night Concert Band

The audience at the end of the night

The audience at the end of the night

Our April meeting was on the 23rd  - Saint Georges day. So we had a Saint Geordies  free-entry buffet supper night

And what a turn out 87 guests brought more food than the tables could hold.

The entertainment was hosted by great Northumbrian Story teller Ernie Coe.  Music was provided by the Seghill Accordion band

And club member LENNIE BROON from the wrong side of the tyne SOOTH SHIELDS was guest artist.

The event turned out to be the happiest clappy night in the history of Seghill Accordion Club with everyone taking part.

Thank you is  not enough for all the support that goes into making these nights successful.

No, Iain MacPhail has not changed his accordion for a smaller one, it is just Jim Youngson presenting one of the three accordions given by the Seghill Accordion Club to assist Iain in the good work he does in teaching and encouraging young people in the west of Scotland to enjoy the rich music that comes with it.  Good luck to Iain and everyone concerned with this project from all at seghill.

A Brilliant programme of music by Johnny Duncan

A Full House for the May concert

The Seghill Band were playing as support guests to The Ian Cruickshanks Trio at Rothbury Accordion Club

The Liam Stewart Trio. Liam on lead accordion, Leonard Brown on Harmony Accordion and Gordon Smith on drums

Leonard with two NAAFC awards. One for Best Guest Artist of the year and one for Best CD of the Year 2019

Sounds Instrumental:  Margaret, Jim, Lawrence & George

Pool supper

Eileen and Peter were presented with flowers for their Golden Wedding Anniversary.

Malcolm Ross and Leonard Brown

Flowers presented to the artists by Margaret and Laura

Leonard teaching his Greek dancers

Accordion Duo Julie Best and Jean Corrigan playing for a buffet supper evening.

Alan and Rob presenting flowers to Julie and Jean.

I just wanted to thank the Club for asking me down and also for the hospitality and kindness to not only myself and Nicky, but also to our respective family members, they thoroughly enjoyed their visit. (I think I'll now need to supply my Mum with flowers after every gig now, she really could get used to that!)

II thoroughly enjoyed playing for the audience, it makes such a difference to play to folks who are not afraid to join in the fun!

Thanks again and I'd like to wish the Club all the very best going forward.

Kindest regards


Our January Concert - John Morgan. Every year for 14 years and still as popular.

Sarah presenting flowers to John.

Seghill Accordion Club Seghill Accordion Club

Our first concert since lockdown. 60+ audience.
All enjoyed a fabulous concert with Leonard Brown and Malcolm Ross

Guest artists being presented with flowers
by Eileen, George and Elizabeth.

Joan Kirk, Mungo Riddell and George Cowan playing at our pool supper buffet night in August.

Sara presents Ray Carse with flowers for his wife Morag.

He also presented Sylvia with a piece of music he had written called The Seghill Waltz for the Band to play

Flowers being presented to Ewan Galloway and his Band at our October concert. Stella, Jean and Margory.

Feb 1st John Morgan in concert. First artist every year for 17 years. Helping him are Les Armstrong and Jimmy (Winalot) Smith on guitars - blow-up ones.

John Receiving flowers from Marylin.

Flowers being presented to Ewan Galloway and his Band by Sarah, Kay and Elizabeth.

May 17th Band & Audience at Gavin’s Concert

Gavin Piper

Flowers being presented to Shiela, Gavin’s mam, by Martin Downey - and to Gavin by Stella Fraser.

Two Indian squaws, Muriel and Brenda pictured at Leonard’s concert in June

Alan and Tony presenting flowers to Julie and Jean
after their lovely concert